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Ever since night vision scopes have been invented, it was obvious that there is one major inconvenience with these devices - the need to re-zero them every time the scope is switched with the day scope. So the owner would either need to have two dedicated rifles, one for daytime and one for the night or they would have to re-zero their scopes each time they switched. Naturally neither scenario is ideal. That's how night vision clip-on scope attachments where invented.

These optical devices are built specifically to co-sight with another optical device like a daytime riflescope, spotting scope, binocular, etc. By attaching a night vision clip-on scope, you are turning your day time optics device into a night vision capable optic. It is important to note that most night vision add-ons for day scopes work best with day time optics operating in 0-4x magnification range. If you need more than that, please contact our sales staff for specific recommendations.

Night vision clip-ons can be mounted in several ways. Depending on the type of day time device and equipment setup, you can mount directly onto the scope or on a rail in front of the day scope. This flexibility is great for guns without a weaver rail and non-weapon mount daytime optics. Currently on the market there are several models to satisfy any customer. Some of the most popular and affordable ones are CO-MR, CO-X, CO-LR and CO-Mini from Armasight as well as PS28 from ATN. More expensive Mil-Spec night vision scope adapter clip-ons are available from NV Depot and FLIR.

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