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This section of our web store is dedicated to all night vision laser based devices including rangefinders, tactical aiming lasers, infra red lasers, dual beam aiming lasers and other similar products.  Lasers can be compatible or not compatible with night vision equipment.  Using non NV compatible lasers with night vision equipment can cause permanent damage to such equipment.  Be sure to discuss product compatiblitiy with our product experts.

So why are mountable red laser pointers so valuable?  The main benefit of lasers is precision in every aspect of laser use.  Leupold laser rangefinders for example are among some of the most precise distance measuring devices on the market.  Steiner (fromerly LDI) aiming lasers give you unsurpassed precision when it comes to tactical aiming lasers.  

At Night Vision Guys we strive to offer our customers a selection of top brands in every product category.  Lasers is no exception, Steiner, Sightmark, Viridian, Armasight, Leupold, Firefield are all well known leaders in the space.  If you are looking for an aiming laser product not listed on our website, please, get in touch with us to make sure it is added to our inventory at the best possible price. 

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