ATN PASGT Helmet Mount Kit for 6015 and PVS14

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This PASGT helmet mount kit is designed for use with ATN 6015 and PVS14 night vision monoculars

  • ATN 6015-HPT
  • ATN 6015-3
  • ATN 6015-3A
  • ATN 6015-3P
  • ATN 6015-4
  • ATN PVS14-3 (2AA)
  • ATN PVS14-3 (1AA)
  • ATN PVS14-3A (2AA)
  • ATN PVS14-3A (1AA)
  • ATN PVS14-3P

The ruggedized ATN PASGT helmet mount assembly provides soldiers with an easier, more comfortable mounting option when wearing the 6015/PVS14. This mount allows direct attachment of the monocular to the PASGT helmet as opposed to the standard head mount assembly. Includes mount and straps.N/A for export.

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