SAI Optics™ SAI 1-6x24 6.8 BDC Reticle, Coyote Brown

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The SAI™ 6 series of optical sights provide a rugged and versatile solution for a variety of sighting requirements in variable magnification. With an LED-illuminated First Focal Plane reticle, ranging and ballistic hold-off is accurately achieved at any magnification. The proprietary Rapid Aiming Feature™ reticle and superior field of view enhance close-quarter effectiveness. The ruggedized tubular design allows for a variety of modular mounting solutions.
The SAI™ 6 series is designed to accommodate advanced optical sighting system enhancements such as flip covers, Anti-Reflection Devices, laser filters, and polarizers. SAI™6 series sights are designed for brilliant optical performance in rugged environments.
5.56 BDC
6.8 BDC
7.62 BDC

Magnification 1x-6x
Length 256mm (10.07in)
Width 67mm (2.64in)
Height 53mm (2.09in)
Weight 510g (18.0oz)
Tube Diameter 30mm
Objective lens diameter 24mm
Eyepiece diameter 46mm (1.81in)
Field of View @ 1x 22 degrees (38.8m @ 100m)
Field of View @ 6x 3.7 degrees (6.5m @ 100m)
Diopter range -3 to +3
Eye relief 90mm (3.54in) nominal
Exit pupil @ 1x 9.5mm
Exit pupil @ 6x 4.0mm
Re-zero mechanism Finger adjustable
Internal Adjustment Range: Elevation 35mrad (120 MoA)
Internal Adjustment Range: Windage 35mrad (120 MoA)
Adjustment Resolution 0.1mrad
Adjustment direction Counter-clockwise up, counter-clockwise right
Fixed focus range 110m
Crosshair illumination LED, red, 10 settings
Battery type CR2032 3v lithium
Exterior finish Type II Anodized, matte flat dark earth
Storage Temperature -51C - +85C
Operating temperature -40C - +65C
Waterproof 2 hour @ 3 meters
Shockproof 1000g's @ 10,000 cycles

The Rapid Aiming Feature™ is an etched reticle feature that does not require electrical power. It may be enhanced by illumination but will remain operational so long as the sighting system retains optical integrity. The design is extremely well-suited for first focal plane (FFP) optical sights, as although FFP reticles retain their angular scaling at any magnification, they typically become far less prominent within the sight picture when low level magnification is utilized. The Rapid Aiming Feature™ is much more prominent than long-range aiming features and thus is very useful at low magnification settings. The angularly intersecting geometry of the feature naturally draws the eye to the center. At longer ranges, and at higher magnifications, the thick features do not disrupt fine aiming features, however they form a surrounding geometry that can be used to encircle a poorly defined target in adverse conditions – much in the same manner a circular peep sight is effective.

The Rapid Aiming Feature™ reticle is an effective single solution for sighting systems that must be deployed at short, medium, and long range.

The Rapid Aiming Feature™ is proprietary to Armament Technology Incorporated and is coupled with round-specific ballistic trajectory data derived through scientifically controlled live fire trials.

Bullet shape’ Rapid Aiming features
Graduated fine cross hair with floating central cross
Ballistically corrected holdover hashmarks
Vertical Subtention Optical Rangefinder (VSOR)
Wind hold-off reference dots
At CQB ranges (50 meters and closer) the Rapid Aiming Feature™ offers a very prominent aiming feature that stands out against the target. This aiming solution may be augmented by illumination of thin stadia and the central cross.

At 25 meters, the Rapid Aiming Feature™ works with the thick horizontal stadia to frame the target and again draw the eye to the center. The LED illumination of the thin horizontal and vertical stadia, including central cross augments this feature in low light.

Standard Accessories:

  • Tenebraex® Tactical Tough® lens covers
  • Tenebraex® killFlash® Anti-Reflection Device
  • Adjustment Cap retaining lanyard
  • Battery removal disc
  • Part Numbers:

    SAI6 6.8 BDC Reticle : Part Number RNG16-T170-C30 | UPC 666595000889

    SAI6 Calibrated in 5.56 NATO : Part Number RNG16-T170-C10 | UPC- 666595000582

    SAI6 Calibrated in 7.62 NATO : Part Number RNG16-T170-C20 | UPC- 666595000780


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