Wilcox GSGM Mount Assembly for use on the ACH-MICH Helmets

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Wilcox GSGM Mount Assembly for use on the ACH-MICH Helmets

Wilcox GSGM (Ground Spec Goggle Mount) Assembly is designed for mounting GPNVG, F5050 and FGS Night Vision Goggles to a Crye Airframe, or ACH/OpsCore Helmet. The Wilcox GSGM Mount attaches to either the Crye AirFrame Helmet or ACH/MICH with a four-hole bolt pattern. The Wilcox L4 GSGM Mount is designed around the operational requirements put forth by several U.S. Special Operations Units.  It accommodates the L-3 GPNVG-18, L-3 FGS-PI, and ITT AN/PVS-23 (F5050).  Unlike some of Wilcox’s more modular systems, this mount interfaces with a helmet as a single assembly and is not meant to be quickly taken apart in the field.  


Mount - 2.79" W x 2.47" H x 3.33"

 Power Cord - 6" long


Mount Only - 124.17 grams (4.38 Oz)

                                    Mount+Shroud - 140.115 grams (4.94 Oz)

Material Construction

Light weight, aerospace grade metal


NVG: GPNVG, F5050, and FGS

Power Supply

Fielded external battery supply, internal CR123 battery


(Internal) Up to 8 hours

Vertical height adjustment

 .900" total travel

Flip Angle

Goggle dependent

  • Attaches to helmets fitted with currently fielded 4-bolt aviator pattern. 
  • 3 Volt system switches between currently fielded external power supplies or internal backup battery. 
  • Low profile, light weight shroud with field proven integrated rail attachment system. 
  • Allows NVG breakaway under stress conditions. 
  • Provides a more durable QD mounting pivot over currently fielded devices. 
  • Aluminum consturction for increased durability over currently fielded mounts.
  • Available colors: Black, Tan
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