ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular

Model no: NVMPPVS14WP

Not exportable outside of the USA. See Export Policy


Not exportable outside of the USA. See Export Policy

  • US Military design
  • White Phosphor Technology
  • Multi Purpose Unit
  • Hand held monocular
  • Hands-free goggle (optional helmet mount)
  • Mil Spec Headgear
  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular description

New for 2014, ATN introduces the ATN PVS14/6015-WPT model. This is a White Phosphor Technology WPT variation of the ever popular PVS14 multi-purpose monocular.  With WPT technology you get nea Gen 3 resolution with grey/silver image color instead of the more traditional green.


This mil-spec design unit has all the standard feature which made it so popular with military and law enforcement personnel.


Rugged design, adaptability to various applications (photo, video, weapons, head gear, etc), and compact size make this unit the number one choice in it's class.


Up until now ATN made this device with Gen 3 tubes and higher. This made it un-affordable to an average user.


With the introduction of the Gen 2 tubes to the PVS14 lineup, it is sure to become common place in home security and other consumer applications.


Each ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular ships with:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Lens Tissue
  • Soft carrying Case
  • Warranty card
  • Neck Cord
  • Packing box
  • Lens Cap
  • 1.5 volt AA battery
  • Demist shield
  • Head Mount Assembly
  • Sacrificial filter

Gen WPT Night Vision

Please note that most high end night vision devices are built per order.  It may take 3-5 days or more for your order to ship.  If timely shipping is important to you, please, contact us to verify availability prior to ordering. 

In ATNs continuing effort to supply our clients with cutting edge Night Vision solutions we are proud to introduce a new line of select units based on ATN White Phosphor Technology© (WPT™). Studies show that nighttime scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. B&W provides clearer information about contrast, shapes and shadows. ATNs White Phosphor Technology© provides users with this natural B&W night vision image. Operators that tested units that use ATN WPT™ reported a significantly better degree of detail, overall contrast, full moon similarity and range of shades. WPT™ provides more discriminating shades of intensity between white and black than between green and black resulting in better contrast and depth perception then when compared to green phosphor NVG’s. The majority of the WPT™ performance characteristics are on par or better then the latest Gallium Arsenide based image intensifier tubes. WPT™ specifications include typical resolution of 68lp/mm (with some over 74lp/mm) and Signal-to-Noise figures as high as 25. 7 out of 10 users name WPT™ as a “Night Vision Preference” when compared with common green night vision, especially in an urban environment. “No lab testing needed on WPT™ – the depth perception is phenomenal and noticeably better than what I used in the past.” – SOF Operator K. WPT™ is available now in limited quantities in a wide variety of systems such as ATN PVS14/6015 tactical monocular, ATN NVM-14 multifunctional pocket-scope/goggle, ATN Marsx4 and ATN Marsx6 medium to long range weapon sights and on the FIITS-14 where WPT™ is optically fused with thermal imaging. Designed for Special Ops WPT™ is not a toy. If your life depends on your gear and you want to improve your operational effectiveness you should check it out.

Photo Cathode type: Multi-Alkali
Image output: Black & White image output
Resolution: 60 - 74 lp/mm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 18-26 ( 22 Typical )
Tube life: 10,000 hour

Delivery Time and Manufacturing Process for ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular:

Most of our manufacturers do not keep products like ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular assembled on the shelf. Night Vision tubes are kept separate from the body of the unit. When the order is placed, the manufacturer starts the order processing and assembly process which includes the following:

  • Order processing - we collect all the necessary information including address and phone numbers. We also make sure that our customer ordered the correct product for their needs and that the product can be exported by US law to the country of destination. In some cases a signed export compliance form is required.
  • QC - in this step the manufacturer will inspect all individual parts which will be used to assemble the night vision device for any defects.
  • Production & Assembly - during production, all the parts are put together. Night Vision tubes in inserted into the body of the unit and all the complex electronics for the device are connected. This process takes place in a special lab called the "clean room" as even a small speckle of dust can cause undesired optical effect.
  • QA - one the night vision device is assembled, it goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it meets all the expected specifications and all parts function as expected. For this most manufacturers have a special "dark room" designed to allow testing of the units without causing incidental damage to the night vision tube by exposure to bright light.
  • Packaging - this is a key process as well. In most case your night vision device will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer but sometimes needs to be sent to us first. In either case items need to be packaged securely to avoid any kind of damage during transportation.
  • Shipping - as described above items will most of the time ship from the manufacturer. For most domestic orders (unless shipping to POB or AFB) a premium shipper like FedEx or UPS will be used.

Only by following the above steps can we along with our manufacturers bring you - our customer - night vision products of highest quality, However as you can understand the above process can take several days to complete. For example if your device fails QA, the entire process restarts. Also at QC stage a manufacturer may realize that the tube they have in stock has a defect and a replacement tube needs to be ordered. Due to the complexity of this process, it is prudent to expect 3-4 business days for production and handling of the purchased device. Keep in mind that this process is designed to guarantee your satisfaction with the night vision device of your choice.  It occasionally possible to expedite the process for urgent orders but addional fees or other restrictions may apply.

Questions on ATN PVS14-WPT Night Vision Monocular

From on

Q: Is this gen3? In description it throws me off because it says. New for 2014, ATN introduces the ATN PVS14/6015-WPT model. This is a White Phosphor Technology WPT variation of the ever popular PVS14 multi-purpose monocular. With WPT technology you get nea Gen 3 resolution with grey/silver image color instead of the green. Up until now ATN made this device with Gen 3 tubes and higher. This made it un-affordable to an average user. With the introduction of the [(Gen 2 tubes)] to the PVS14 lineup, it is sure to become common place in home security and other consumer applications. So does this mean its gen 2? As gen 3 is to expensive? Would i be better off getting a gen 3 green Alpha tube?

A: Hi Kyle. WPT is a Gen 2 tube with a special quality where image is silver instead of green. The answer to your key question will depend on how you plan to use the device. Gen 3 tubes are brighter and clearer. Please either respond to us with details of how you will be using this or let us know the best number and time for us to call you to discuss. We want to make sure you don't waste your money on something you do not need.

From on

Q: Response. Not sure if you got email response I am using to search pitch black streets for car prowlers. Currently using a Flir thermal monocular problem being which you know is cant asses good guy from bad. For me the clearer the better. I am shopping pvs14's everywhere since for the same model NAMPVS140139DA1 fluctuates +/- 600$ green alpha tube. Have roughly a 3600$ budget but for the money i save I can get a helmet maybe even a mount lolll.

A: Hi Kyle. We can set you up with a high quality monocular well within your budget. Sounds like a clear Gen 3 tube would be great and maybe a camera/phone adapter would be helpful for image capture. Please confirm the maximum range to target you require. This will help us determine if you need a magnification lens. Also, are you sent on a PVS14? There are other monoculars of PVS14 type which may offer better pricing and provide similar performance.

From on

Q: I'm shopping for a helmet mounted NV monocular for scouting hogs on a good sized ranch at night - pretty large spaces and obviously the further we can scout the better to get on the hogs. Is this a great device for that purpose or am I going to be missing lots of opportunities vs the full Gen 3 + stuff?

A: Hi Chris. When it comes to hogs, you should consider thermal imaging as an option. You will have a longer detection range. One thing to remember with pvs14 is that you have 1x magnification. So it will provide you with a scrips image but not magnified. If hogs are more than 100- yards away, it may be hard to find them. Eye glare will help but as soon as there is any fog or grass, things get harder. Thermal will not be impacted by those things. Let us know if you would like to discuss over the phone.

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